Christaux is an incarnation.
The album 'Ecstasy' (2017) was produced by the artist himself and Mario Conte. Christaux says: "Something majestic came out of it, both in terms of sound and of images: it is also very sincere, straightforward, exactly how I feel about myself." This project speaks through a dramatic and magniloquent pop. "Christaux is a seed planted in 2014, giving life, through light and shadows, to an album descriptive of liberation. Liberation from a life too absorbed in the present but still clinging to the past. It's an album recounting a period of absolute solitude and a reflection upon myself. This led to a massive change or rather, an evolution".

'Ecstasy' is the perfect word to describe a state of isolation and total evasion from reality in favour of maximum focus. Only then Christaux achieved balance amidst the darkness and lack of referral-points he had fallen in lately. "It took an exasperate and tragic approach to liberate myself from any constriction that used to oppress me and to rise to a mentally superior level, almost a mystical one.” To build the imagery, Christaux draws on Caravaggio's visions, on 80-90's photography (Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Nan Goldin, Peter Lindberg, Ara Gallant, to name a few), catholic iconography (all of it, with no specific time range) and the Carmina Burana.